Supercharge your presales engineers

Salesmachine empowers solutions engineers and pre-sales engineers to create and control their product demos.

The Salesmachine Advantage

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Maximize Business Impact by Scaling Stories

Develop customizable demo templates that sales reps can tailor to each individual prospect. Utilize these templates to effectively communicate the value of your product to a large number of potential customers.

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Guarantee AAA+ Demo Standards

Maintaining consistency and gathering usage insights across teams and use cases for your sales demos will aid in continuously optimizing your pre-sales process.

Eliminate Demo Anxiety Forever

Create a safe environment for your sales demos by obscuring real customer data. This will give your sales team peace of mind, knowing that the demonstration will not fail.

Introducing the Revolutionary Generative AI Tool for Solution Engineers

Generate Flexible Sales Demo Templates

✔ Create specific demo templates for each prospect's unique use case by quickly capturing your product's features.

✔ Include annotations to effortlessly guide prospects through your product.

Streamline Sharing and Collaboration

✔ Equip your internal advocates with personalized and guided sales demos, enabling them to seamlessly share it within their organization.

✔ Collaborate with your team in real-time to perfect the details of your sales demonstrations.

Copy & Paste Demos

✔ Easily replicate your sales demonstrations and customize them for each prospect with just one click.

✔ Gain valuable insights from metrics to improve your demonstrations

Resources for Presales Engineers

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