Generate better sales demos to win more deals

Our platform delivers more product-qualified leads to your reps, equips your team with the perfect product demo, and helps you sell directly to the buying committee.

The Salesmachine Advantage

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Efficiency Boost

Accelerate the sales process by equipping your team with reusable sales demo templates that can be easily customized for each prospect.

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Tailored Demos Increase Closing Rate

Enhance your sales approach with custom-made sales demos, and provide self-guided tours of your product to potential buyers

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Utilizing User Insights for Smarter Sales Strategies

Optimize your sales demos by identifying which features your prospects use, and replicate the success of your top-performing demos to close more deals.

Revolutionize Sales with Generative AI: Forget Traditional Demos

One-Click Sales Demo Generation

✔ Empower your team to quickly customize each sales demo using our demo wizard.

✔ Easily scale personalization by incorporating prospects' names and company information into each demo with just a few clicks.

Easily Share and Collaborate with Prospects

✔ Provide your internal champions with guided and personalized sales demos, allowing them to share it within their organization easily.

✔ Fine-tune the details of your sales demos together with your team through real-time collaboration.

Advanced Analytics to Connect with Your Customers

✔ Gain insight into how prospects interact with your product by tracking all relevant sales demo metrics.

✔ Optimize your demos by gaining actionable insights from your metrics.

Resources for Sales Leaders

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Create and share interactive sales demos in minutes.