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Salesmachine empowers anybody to create within minutes the most exciting and informative sales demos the market ever has seen.

Boost sales with personalized demos

✔️ Customize sales demos to meet the specific needs of each prospect.

✔️ Elevate your entire sales teams with templates made of your most effective sales demos.

✔️ Design guided product tours to clearly communicate the value of your offerings to customers.

Shorten sales cycles with a professional and dedicated demo environment

✔️ Reduce complexity demonstrating your product to customers.

✔️ Improve availability, scalability and security of your demo hosting.

✔️ Redirect software engineers to tackle hard technological challenges and avoid wasting engineering resources on logo creation.

Improve sales efficiency by gaining insights from sales demos

✔️ See in real-time how prospects actually use your sales demo.

✔️ Discover influencers and deal breakers early.

✔️ Increase win rates by focussing on the right leads.

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Minimize dependence on software engineers in your sales department

Adopting a no-code platform in your sales department can significantly reduce the need for software engineers, freeing up valuable resources for other critical areas of your business.

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Avoid hosting issues

By choosing a hosted solution, you can avoid the headaches and costs associated with hosting and maintaining your own demo environment. When you run a demo platform on your own, you are responsible for ensuring its reliability, performance, and security.

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Empower internal stakeholders

Champions inside the customers can share links with stakeholders and help you navigate the organizational challenges faster and better.

Salesmachine integrates seamlessly and enhances your existing stack


Associate accounts, contacts and opportunities with sales demos.

Hubspot CRM

Get unparalled visibility into how your customers interact with your sales demos.


Send notifications about sales demo views and interactions via Slack channels.


Push Salesmachine data into Snowflake data warehouse in minutues.


Build custom workflows between Salesmachine and Zapier.

Google Workspace

Connect your sales demos with your Google workspace.

Microsoft Dynamics

Connect CRM data, and enjoy additional sales demo insights.

Microsoft Teams

Send notifications about sales demo views directly to Teams.


Send sales demo recordings to your help desk to improve customer success.

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Because Salespeople are Rockstars!

Create and share interactive sales demos in minutes.