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Chris Strobl


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Our Values

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Build more than you talk

We live by the principle of 'Build more than you talk.' This means that instead of just talking about our ideas and plans, we put them into action and deliver results. We are a team of doers, not just talkers. We are constantly pushing ourselves to create, innovate, and deliver impactful solutions for our customers. We believe that by focusing on building and delivering, we can create a culture of excellence and drive real change in the industry.

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Play 2 win

We approach every challenge and opportunity with a sense of determination and a willingness to take risks. We understand that the startup environment is unpredictable, and the only way to stay ahead is to constantly push ourselves to build great products and foster an engineering culture that encourages experimentation and innovation. We are not just playing the game, we are playing to win, and we are willing to take bold steps to achieve our goals and be successful.

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Be adaptable

We value adaptability as a core principle. We understand that in order to thrive in the constantly evolving tech industry, we must be able to change and adapt quickly to new challenges and opportunities. We encourage our team to be open to new ideas and perspectives, and to approach each situation with a willingness to adapt and find new solutions. We believe that by being adaptable, we can stay agile and competitive in the market, and continue to drive progress and growth for our company.

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Never stop hacking

For us, hacking is not about breaking rules or causing harm, it's about finding unique and innovative solutions to challenges. We encourage our team to think outside the box, to question assumptions, and to experiment with new ideas. We believe that by constantly hacking and pushing boundaries, we can stay at the forefront of the industry and continue to deliver cutting-edge products and services for our customers.

Come and Visit Us

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Salesmachine HQ

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548 Market Street, 94104 San Francisco, CA, USA
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(415) 801-0080

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