Improve customer onboarding with interactive tutorials

Salesmachine helps customer success associates create more engaging and interactive product experiences for their customers.

The Salesmachine Advantage

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Streamline the Customer Onboarding Experience

Streamline the onboarding process for your customers by providing them with engaging, interactive tutorials that teach them how to effectively utilize your platform.

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Improve Retention with Analytics

Gain valuable insights into customer usage and preferences to optimize their experience and maximize the value of your solution.

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Increase Net-Promoter-Score

Optimize customer satisfaction and increase NPS scores by providing personalized and interactive product tutorials.

Increase Customer Success with Interactive Tutorials

Generate Engaging Interactive Tutorials

✔ Quickly create customized training materials and interactive tutorials for each customer.

✔ Facilitate independent product mastery for customers through the implementation of annotated onboarding materials.

Gain Insight into Customer Usage and Pain Points

✔ Enhance customer retention by identifying user engagement and preferred features.

✔ Refine your SaaS onboarding materials using data-driven insights.

Include Interactive Tutorials on Your Help Center Website

✔ Enhance customer success by embedding mobile-responsive iFrame HTML of your help center.

✔ Seamless integration with Zendesk, Intercom, Gitbook, and Webflow.

Resources for Customer Success

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