Reduce CAC with interactive product tours

Salesmachine puts product marketers in control of their product story. With our platform, you can launch new products and features seamlessly to the market and lead with your product at every stage of the customer journey.

The Salesmachine Advantage

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Prequalify Leads with Demos

Allow visitors to explore your product at their own pace by incorporating interactive, self-guided tours into your marketing funnel.

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Generate New Leads at Scale

Add a "book a meeting" button in your demos and create leads directly from product demos.

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Gain Insights from Prospects' Actions

Monitor Engagement to Identify Popular Features and Adjust Your Marketing Strategy Accordingly.

Boost Your Marketing with Engaging Product Tours.

One-Click Demo Generation

✔ Effortlessly record and edit all product features without writing a single line of code.

✔ Include personalized guides in your tours to highlight key features and encourage usage.

Embed on Your Website

✔ Include your tour on your website and marketing materials or share a link with prospects.

✔ Expand your prospect list by requiring email to access tours, then monitor engagement with our tools.

Gain Insights Through Analytics

✔ Understand the magic moment of your product for the customer by analyzing visitors' tour usage data.

✔ Discover prospects' intent and tailor your marketing based on data.

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Because Salespeople are Rockstars!

Create and share interactive product demos in minutes.